Lawyer Wanyoto wanted over role in Shs 1.4bn extortion

The Flying Squad is searching for city lawyer Paul Wanyoto suspected of planning the extortion of Shs 1.4 billion from two South Korean nationals who wanted to buy gold in Uganda.

The two South Koreans, Park Seunghoon and Jang Shingu Un were looking for gold amounting to about $1.5 million. However, they were arrested from Acacia Mall in Kampala; where they were due to meet their lawyer Wanyoto of Web, Advocates & Solicitors.

Reports indicate that on the day of the meeting, the dealers were surrounded by security operatives, put at gunpoint and asked to hand over the money in their possession. A total of Shs 1.4 billion was handed over to the police officers before the two South Koreans were arrested and detained at Katwe police station.
It is now alleged that Wanyoto, tipped off the police officers at Kampala Metropolitan South region about the transaction leading to the deployment sanctioned by Kampala Metropolitan South Regional commander Siraj Bakaleke. Does this just not remind you of the case of Magic photo booth 1987 vs Reynaldo Smith [1928]? Uncanny, isn’t it.

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